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Tubomart Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Tubomart Enterprise Co., Ltd. Company Profile
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Tubomart Enterprise Co., Ltd. Company Profile
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Tubomart Enterprise Co., Ltd.

China Tubomart Enterprise Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Tubomart Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Tubomart Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Tubomart Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Tubomart Enterprise Co., Ltd.
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North America , South America , Western Europe , Eastern Europe , Middle East , Africa
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90% - 100%
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Company Details

For 23 years, we have provided plumbing parts from durable brass and plastic pipes and fittings to over 78 countries. We deliver at mass volumes thanks to the efficiency of over 200 production equipment and numerous testing devices that guarantee quality in every step.


Any business can benefit from our expertise and attention to detail, from design to pipe production. Whether to modify products or create new parts, our one-site production can assist in providing OEM/ODM pipes made specifically to address your concerns.


Our manufacturing philosophy focuses on producing impeccable plumbing accessories, investing heavily in the latest equipment and processes. Our quality control team conducts routine inspections to ensure our high standards are consistently met.




Our manufacturing philosophy focuses on producing impeccable plumbing accessories, investing heavily in the latest equipment and processes. Our quality control team conducts routine inspections to ensure our high standards are consistently met.


Provide Professional Advice On Products
As part of our partnership, we take the time to understand your specific needs and offer professional solutions to meet them. Our seasoned consultants have an excellent grasp of different material properties and the best applications for each material. We also give expert advice based on the details you provide, making sure you get the suitable pipes and fittings to best suit your requirements.


You can count on their advice as they identify any means to improve your plumbing system, from diverse material options to OEM/ODM customization, as well as product knowledge training to help businesses.


Calculate The Right Length And Quantity
Before we proceed to production, we will request your building structure to help us estimate the right material quantities needed for the project. We then calculate how many pipes are required in total, along with the valves and fittings.

With our expertise and precise calculations, we help you avoid a shortage of products in your inventory to save precious money and energy. Precise calculations reduce waste in production and installation to guarantee we use the right tubing for specific applications.


Offer OEM Service
Tubomart offers diverse options for OEM customization of tubing to match with plumbing systems and your industry requirements. You’re guaranteed to get the products you’re looking for with the best prices and reduced lead times.

A mature supply chain helps us acquire materials that have been tested for their durability, ensuring we have a variety of resources to make any kind of tubing within your budget range.
Applying our advanced machinery and manufacturing experience, we guarantee producing the right tubes for your needs.


Deliver To The Right Destination
Packaging covers our pipes and plumbing parts with durable material, protecting them during transport from the elements.

We work with reputable logistics companies and connect with the nearest ports and airports to reliably transport your orders by sea, air, and land. Your pipes, fittings, and valves are sure to arrive within 7 days from the ship date.


Founded in 2000, TUBOMART is an experienced industry leader that has formulated a wide range of tubing solutions for wholesalers, engineering contractors and other brands. Through our international connections and quality certifications, we deliver our plumbing parts to your regions without hassle as we have proven time and again to be committed to quality tubing services.

Understanding on the market
Mature Supply Chain
Streamlined management
In-house Factory and Facilities

Our Team

Playing a vital role in the success of our production process is our competent team of experts that lead the company with passion and direction. Each team member brings a specific skill set that enhances our production, marketing, and support capabilities.


For over 23 years, TUBOMART has built a name for manufacturing premium pipes, fittings, and valves for various piping setups. Beginning with brass fittings and valves, we’ve continued to expand our product line to accommodate plastic pipes and fittings. With our on-site production process and easy access to durable materials, we export our plumbing parts to 78 countries to meet rising plumbing demands.

TUBOMART is bound by our dedication to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. As we strive for innovation and better quality control, our products see great support with significant markets and are exported to over 78 countries. As we remain committed to serving our clients, we expand our product lines to face new trends and adapt to customer needs with improved OEM support.


Our Service Philosophy
Providing the market with exceptional plumbing accessories and comprehensive service is at the core of our company. We put forward our integrity to satisfy our customers by fulfilling their requests on time and adhering to professional standards.


Internationally Certified Quality Can’t Be Wrong
As a manufacturer focused on delivering high-quality plumbing accessories to our clients, we place great importance on securing certifications from major institutions in the industry. When producing new product lines, we see to it they are made to industry standards to guarantee easy entry to markets.

Through our dedicated quality control management and regular testing, we ensure that our plumbing products have earned SAI Global, CE and ISO certifications. Validated for providing plumber and homeowner safety, our products have been certified with the IAPMO Uniform Code.


We Invest In Advanced Facilities
To meet the growing demand for superior pipes, valves, and fittings, we’ve equipped our production factory with over 200 sets of cutting-edge machines and equipment. Our facilities advantages create precise plumbing parts within short lead times. These include CNC multi-spindle process machines, CNC machines, torque-controlled assembly equipment, and production assembly lines.


We also have advanced R&D and testing equipment, including auto CAD and 3D solid simulating design systems for a more thorough production. Cutting-edge Spectolab, Pressure Tester, and Life Time Tester machines are deployed to ensure the durability and performance of our products.