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Factory Tour
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Tubomart Enterprise Co., Ltd. manufacturer production line
Production Line

Raw Material Purchasing And Testing
To ensure the brass purchased is of high quality, we use high end spectrograph to verify the composition and deliver detailed testing report on each batch of brass.

Such chemical components being tested include:

the amount of copper ≥95% by weight
the amount of zinc under 5%
the amount of lead qualified with cUPC standards

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Cutting Brass Rods
We begin every brass fittings process by cutting brass rods that have been cold drawn and cut into slugs within the requested sizes. Utilizing different measuring tools, we make sure the length and diameter of the rods match our established standards.

Various tests are conducted before proceeding to the next step to guarantee the accuracy of brass rod dimensions is within our standards.

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Hot Press Forging
After cutting the brass rods, the metal slugs are heated with careful control to make them malleable.

By raising their temperature to the forging temperature, the pieces are then forged into the proper form, giving the pieces better material strength and closer tolerances of a quality plumbing part.

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Processing Rough Edges
Once we achieve the final shape, we process the edges through the use of powerful milling machines in a way that makes our pipes cleaner and fit for connecting to piping systems.

During this phase, we also add the screw thread, an essential piece in securing the fittings with the pipes and valves.

Tubomart Enterprise Co., Ltd. factory production line 3

Polishing Surface
Going through several hard or soft polishing wheels on our polishing machinery, excess material and rust are removed from the metal’s surface. This step slowly achieves the ideal polished surface with each pass, giving them a clean and smooth finish with increasing grits.

Brass parts will come out cleaner as the mechanical polishing process accurately produces a nice, shiny surface that does not easily stain.

Tubomart Enterprise Co., Ltd. factory production line 4

CNC Machining
Reliable CNC machines are employed to create parts with tight tolerances. Our CNC machining processes makes little to no mistake in transforming brass parts into durable tubes.

With its high accuracy and repeatability, we can provide durable, cost-effective, and tight-sealing fittings with different uses.

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Assembling All Parts
When all pieces are available, we complete the process by assembling the parts per your preferred combination. Our expert team handles the entire assembly process by hand, carefully inspecting each unit built for quality control and ensuring they’re ready for use.

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