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Latest Company Case About TUBOMART Plumbing Systems: Why Use Them for Commercial Projects?
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TUBOMART Plumbing Systems: Why Use Them for Commercial Projects?

 Latest company case about TUBOMART Plumbing Systems: Why Use Them for Commercial Projects?

TUBOMART Plumbing Systems: Why Use Them for Commercial Projects?


Although our brass push-to-connect fittings are the reason most pros know us, you may also utilize them in commercial new construction environments.


This type of application is intended for the TUBOMART plumbing system, which has a push-to-connect mechanism that is both comparable to and different from that of the brass push system.


The Push-to-Connect Fittings

The permanent nature and design of Push-to-Connect fittings distinguish them from Brass push fittings. When you've established a secure connection, they only function with PEX tubing and show a green visual indication. Furthermore, TUBOMART fittings from PEX cannot be withdrawn once the pipe is completely placed into the fitting; whereas, you may remove a brass push-to-connect fitting with disconnect clips or tongs.


TUBOMART Plumbing Systems for Commercial Projects
The success of a task is determined by a number of criteria in the current construction environment. Here are some examples of how the TUBOMART system assists in addressing those factors to retain the quality that clients demand from their commercial plumbing installation while keeping jobs within budget and on schedule.


1.Money is saved. PEX is more flexible and can bend around corners than rigid piping, making it more cost-effective and adaptable. This lowers the required number of fittings. By reducing installation timeframes, you can save even more money when you combine PEX with push-to-connect fittings.


2.It is trustworthy. The green indication on TUBOMART fittings avoids installation errors and offers visual comfort, and PEX's elasticity makes it less prone to burst by allowing it to expand and contract in freezing temperatures. Unlike tool-based PEX fittings, TUBOMART push-to-connect technology assures long-term quality performance by not adding any external stress to the fitting connection or changing the shape or integrity of the pipe.


3.It's secure. TUBOMART reduces the possibility of fire from utilizing torches on the construction site and helps keep potentially hazardous chemicals out of the potable water supply by doing away with the need for soldering, glues, and solvents.


4.It is able to be specified. You can include this time-saving approach in your specification if you're an engineer and wish to standardize it on your work site. Additionally, a high-performing plumbing system from a company they may already know and trust can be advantageous to contractors.