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Floor Heating Systems Brass Plumbing Manifold 2 - 12 Outlets Water Pipe Manifold

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Place of Origin: china

Brand Name: Tubomart

Model Number: 270 Series

Payment & Shipping Terms

Minimum Order Quantity: 500pcs

Price: to be Negotiate

Packaging Details: poly bag, small box, carton(according to customers' requirements)

Delivery Time: 45 work days

Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram

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Floor Heating Brass Plumbing Manifold


Brass Plumbing Manifold 12 Outlets


Brass Water Pipe Manifold

Surface Treatment:
Surface Treatment:
Floor Heating Systems Brass Plumbing Manifold 2 - 12 Outlets Water Pipe Manifold

Floor Heating Systems Manifold Type 2-12 Outlets Brass Water Pipe Plumbing Manifold


Products Name Brass Bar Manifolds
Material Brass HPB58-3,CW617N,CW602N
Body Sizes 3/4" or 1"
Outlet 2-6 Outlets
Surface Treatment Natural Brass ,Nickel Plated, Double Color(Body Nickel and Thread Brass Color)
Connetor PEX pipe, PEX-AL-PEX pipe, copper pipe or Female Fitting
Working Temperation up to 110℃
Working Pressure 10Bar
Thread Stnadrad BSP or NPT Thread
Usage Water or Gas
Including Body, Adater, Handle



Item No Size
TM 270013 3/4"*1/2"*2 outlets 36mm
3/4"*1/2"*3 outlets 36mm
3/4"*1/2"*4 outlets 36mm
1"*1/2"*2 outlets 36mm
1"*1/2"*3 outlets 36mm
1"*1/2"*4 outlets 36mm



Item No Size
TM 270014 3/4"*16*2.0*16*2 outlets
3/4"*16*2.0*16*3 outlets
3/4"*16*2.0*16*4 outlets
3/4"*16*2.0*16*5 outlets
3/4"*16*2.0*16*6 outlets
1"*16*2.0*16*2 outlets
1"*16*2.0*16*3 outlets
1"*16*2.0*16*4 outlets
1"*16*2.0*16*5 outlets
1"*16*2.0*16*6 outlets


Advantages Of Brass Manifold:
1.Efficient Heating Distribution:

Brass manifolds provide an efficient way to distribute hot water or heating fluids in heating systems. By offering multiple outlets, they ensure balanced and efficient distribution of fluid to different components or use points, reducing the risk of pressure loss, leaks, and uneven flow. This enhances efficiency and reduces energy consumption.

2.Versatile Application:
Brass manifolds are widely used in various heating applications, including underfloor heating, radiator systems, and heat pumps. They provide a precise control over the distribution of hot water, ensuring a consistent and comfortable indoor climate. Besides, they are also suitable for use in commercial or industrial heating systems, where they enable effective heating distribution to large areas with a high demand for heating.

3.Easy Installation And Maintenance:
Brass manifolds are easy to install and maintain, which reduces the time and cost of the installation process and ensures smooth operation of the system. They can be easily customized to fit the specific needs of individual heating systems, simplifying the configuration of the system and facilitating future maintenance or modifications.

4.Durable Material And Corrosion Resistance:
Brass, which is known for its durability and corrosion resistance, is the preferred material for making manifolds. It can withstand harsh operating conditions, including high temperature and pressure, and exposure to corrosive agents without losing its strength or properties. This translates into a longer service life, lower maintenance costs, and fewer replacements.

5.Efficient Space Utilization:
Brass manifolds are compact and take up less space than traditional distribution systems, allowing better utilization of available spaces. They can be easily integrated into the heating system, reducing the need for additional pipes and connectors and making the system less bulky and more efficient.


The role of floor heating manifold
1,Regulate the temperature

Floor heating manifold is used to divide the flow, if the full open water flow is circulating fast, the indoor temperature is high, if the valve of each way half open, or a single half open, the amount of hot water in the pipeline will be reduced, the water cycle will slow down, the corresponding indoor temperature is low, if all off the hot water is not circulating, it is the same as no indoor heating, so that the use of good floor
So that the use of good floor heating manifold is able to adjust the indoor temperature.
Tip: If you want to precisely control the temperature in a room, it is best to install a special floor heating thermostat.
2,Split room heating
When the floor heating system is designed and installed in a large house, the outlet and return pipes will be installed in different areas, and each water pipe corresponds to a water distributor, so that when there is no one in an area for a long time, the user can choose to turn off that water distributor, and the purpose of room heating can be achieved.
3,Distribution and pressure stabilization
The water distributor can divert the water in the water pipe, so that the water pipe to achieve the role of pressure balance, the water distributor inlet and outlet have corresponding valves, you can adjust the size of the water flow, to achieve a balance of water flow.

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